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The Perry Hilltop Citizens Council (PHCC) is a non-profit organization whose mission is to stimulate civic and social action on a non-sectarian, non-partisan and interracial basis to benefit all residents and to improve the quality of life for all residents and business enterprises within the Perry Hilltop neighborhood.
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PHCC seeks investment in its neighborhood's properties, starting with the commercial blocks just a mile from housing and retail redevelopment on Federal Street in the Central Northside. Three or four blocks of Perrysville on each side of Charles Street were once filled with stores, bars and restaurants, even a theater. Disinvestment has failed the neighborhood over decades. PHCC is working to with neighbors to revive the corridor.

Perry Hilltop, also known as Perry South, is bordered by Marshall Road and Perrysville Avenue to the North and South and Brighton Road and East Street to the East and West. The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania purchased the area, formerly part of the City of Allegheny, from the Indians in 1784. The City of Allegheny was then annexed to Pittsburgh in 1907. Federal Street and Perrysville Avenue trace a path approximate to the historic Venango Indian Trail, a trail once used by Commodore Perry to carry supplies to Erie for his naval battles during the British War of 1812.

Today, Perry Hilltop features spectacular views of downtown Pittsburgh and Northshore developments while maintaining beautiful green spaces. Close to Interstate 279, residents are only minutes from downtown attractions and McKnight Road shopping. Perry Hilltop’s business district of more than a dozen stores serves the neighborhood and there is easy access to public transportation, schools, churches, recreation centers and senior citizens facilities. Riverview Park offers tennis courts, horse and bike trails, a ball field, picnic groves, a playground, swimming pool and the Allegheny Observatory. Neighbors jog, bike, walk their pets and meet neighbors there, occasionally glimpsing deer and wild turkeys. The Triangle Tech learning center attracts students from all over the region. Other institutions located here include the Reformed Presbyterian Home, the historic Brashear House and Presley Ridge.

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